Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Virgin LA's Biggest Community Project Ever!

Please help support the efforts of waking up a nation that has been forced to live in a robotic daze. It's time we start living our purpose. It makes very little sense that some of us are forced to work jobs that cause nothing but stress, higher health costs, family arguments, loss of sleep and so much more, just to pay the bills. We want to work with and interact with people who love their jobs. Who put every ounce of passion into their work. Let's expand that creative work force. Let's see LA, Chicago, Austin, New York, Nashville and a few others, share the currently saturated industry, consisting of the same celebrities over and over. There are a ton of creative individuals with major talent that may live their entire lives as "Struggling Artists", while others, selfishly absorb the work that could be spread throughout the nation. It's not the celebrities I blame, it's the current networks, media mongrels, and stuck up executives that are monopolizing the industry. More creative jobs in your area, creates a better environment for everyone. Including a feeling of "being a part of". Bye bye corporate spies that lack a single ounce of compassion for anyone but themselves. Most of us want to live a life that involves much more liberty and freedom from modern day slavery. We would like to see more artists make a living and more fans get credit for their money spent. Please visit, leave a comment, share with your friends, reblog or repost and reach deep. Thank you so much! It's far beyond worth it!


Thursday, March 7, 2013


Instructions for Submissions request that you join the mailing list of
Ed & Holly Wood's Talent Trade-show by clicking HERE. This way, you can stay up to date with all results, community progress and whether or not new jobs are being created in your area
To Submit Yourself as an Artist, you must have a talent in the fields of film-making, directing, modeling, acting, screenwriting, songwriting, poetry, lyric writing, novelist, multi-media artist, music production, cinematography, art decor, design, singing, instrument only musician, solo or group artists, dancing, creative conceptualizing, photography, visual talent in the fields of painting, sketching, comics, video games, creative development field or any other form of creative talent no listed here.

If you are questioning whether or not this is a gig for your type of talent, please just send and email or call 877.758.2104, and we'll be happy to discuss that with you.

Submission Types:

YouTube, VEVO or VIMEO: The name of the video should reference "@EDnHOLLYwood Wanna See "Name of Project by Your Name from Your City/Town" This will help your submission be found instantly. We recommend these submissions of photographers, cinemetographers, dancers, live performances with a band or solo performer, fine arts, music videos, short films, improvisational and other comedy formats,  or even just for poetry. Please also include a link to any external sites that best represent your talent and offer a biography and possible hard times you've been through trying to live your dream.

For non-video submissions, you can send a link to your work, write out your submission, or ask questions by filling out the appropriate form or blog that best meets your geographical location.

For East coast artists, post your link or submission to the blog page at the Mixed Media Talent Ring
For West coast artists, post your link or submission to the VirginLA blog page at VirginLA
For All of middle US, post your link or submission to the One Blue Label blog found also at VirginLa.

Please sign up for the mailing list if you haven't already, by clicking JOIN ED n HOLLY WOOD's ENTERTAINMENT ADVENTURE

Thursday, February 21, 2013

So, are you all ready to play a real game? It's calledTo Win, to Lose or to Trade the Fame.The trade is great for those not already making millions of bucks or getting every second of airplay. That's the kind of airplay that I like to call dead air. It's not when it's silent, it's when they play the same songs by the same people over and over and over again. Same goes for reruns on television. Same show, same episode, two different channels and at the same damn time. I am prepared to make sure the executives at those networks get fired immediately. Okay, maybe not fired, but at least demoted to Mailroom. The new site will be up shortly and I'll be shuffling through all the YouTube, Vimeo, and Vevo videos to ask your opinion about raw talent. Have they got it? Or have they not?Welcome home long lost ones. The time has finally come to redefine the art, music, and movie industry standards. How we choose to elect these standards, is ultimately how we will perceive the potential of fair play and future growth. We’re going to get rid of the robots and refer to the days when it wasn’t all about how you can dance, pay your way in, or make it in the music industry just because you got the smallest puppy award or made out with some big network hotshot. We’re seeking true talent again. The kind that looks and sounds better stripped of all the glamour, than when dressed all up for the red carpet. Are you ready? I know I am. Please don't take the dancing comment to heart. Dancing is important, but not everyone has to master it. Our talents are unique and right now, nothing is unique. You'd barely be able to tell the difference between actress number one and singer number two. It’s been much too long, but finally, a great change has fallen upon us. Artists are beginning to regain the control they deserve, while placing industry leads back on their knees. Begging for jobs and selling their souls. It shows us how powerful karma is. Its her nasty way of kicking the ugliest and most despised while they're on their way to being down and out. Hard luck champs. You had a nice run. Now take your money, networks and monopolies and shove them in our mouths. That’s where they belong. Guess you forgot that you’re not the only one who needs to eat to survive. It is here and now that coasts are meeting coasts. 

So far, they have collaborated between New York/New Jersey, Chicago, Phoenix and LA. The US has a lot more cities than that, so there is a lot of work to do. We’ve got the anonymous industry humble leads that have chosen to go unnamed, so I chose Ed & Holly Wood. They’re going to share the mystery behind everything that goes on right on this site's blog. They have been tracking trends underground and rerouting them in a more positive manner that shifts the weight from luck and who you know, back to talent and it shows. The trends, unbeknownst to most, have basically burst from secrecy, but are still rising as the entertainment and creative industry is changing history as we see our presidents taking a back seat to notice the power that people have on their own. We’re not trying to starve the less fortunate or become kings and queens. All we want is to live our dreams. So, Ed and Holly Wood having a field day with ideas on how to really get a rise out of those individuals in charge of years of discrimination and cold-heartedness. We’re offering them a huge advance to get out of the way.

We'll be secretly checking you out in your home cities, so don't be alarmed if you get tagged into stardom! Be ready and be prepared. Oh, and don't forget to read the fine print below. I’m just kidding, but you should always try. I mean it only takes an hour to read most fine print. Multiply that by how many sites you go to and it should only take approximately, well, 6-7 hours per day. That's when you kiss your plans for the day goodbye.

Seriously, the only fine print you'll see on my sites are not meant to be illegible. Please let me know and I'll make the text bigger. I have an eagle's eye sight, so it's hard for me to determine what size is reasonable. Also, we will never promise anything too good to be true. It won't say one thing, then change the next day. We really are kicking the bad people with little to no talent out of the scene and electing new awesome people with awesome talent to take their places. It really could be you. Go claim what's rightfully yours anyway. You don't need me to tell you if you have what it takes. Most of us don't and those are the cold hard facts. Basically, you really should know when you have the fame gift before attempting it. Otherwise you're lost in la la land with your dreams and I suggest preparing yourself for a major meltdown and a couple month stay in either rehab or a psych ward. Regardless, we'll tell you if you're truly talented or a big fake. We're honest and completely unfiltered. Not to be mean, but to keep it fair.

SOOOOoooo.... one small disclosure. I use suggestive links for products and advertisers only when it's relevant to the content on the page, so that I can afford to maintain this site and blog for Ed and Holly. Please don't be offended : )

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh Charlie

To all who have their own little Hollywood Obsessions,

It's so peculiar that Hollywood holds up such a Playboy image. I certainly know how hard it is to get there, let alone be successful. But why would anyone want to go there and wait on tables? That's is probably one of the most masochistic jobs you could possibly get, that requires the most and offers the least. When I say that, I am of course speaking long term. There are usually no benefits, definitely no pension, and lost days that could be used creating or going on auditions. I say, live on the beach. You know, right outside +Charlie Harper en espaniol or +Charlie Sheen's Malibu beach house. He won't mind. Then get up and go make something of your career. Demand it. Demand it like it's not an option. It's a fact.

I have the funniest story to talk about Charlie and +Two and a Half Men. My computer's back-screen is just a quarry of rocks. When it goes on screen saver, it becomes this beautiful tropical scenery including schools of fish you'd see in the ocean. No one wanted to admit what and/or where this ping type signal was coming from and I don't think I'm tech savvy enough to have done it myself, but I do know that I watched my very life played out as Charlie on television. I believe this all started with a University in Virginia and then in addition, everyone has these tracking devices for their animals, and all the interference creates either a complete mayhem or a magical response of nature. For me, this was nothing more than mayhem. I'm sorry Charlie, but your interview on Dr. Oz was just classic. It sounded like you were having conversations with my my poetry. Well, I am honored if it made such a difference that you are able to see the world in slightly a different way now.

I think i'm going to go try and get Earl and Joy or "url" to run around a bit. Mind you, this was all an accidental discovery. I have no idea how it's happening or why.

I was told one time, and I won't tell you from who, because you'll really think I'm nuts, but, this little boy told me to start treating people like they owe you instead of you owing them. That may not work for everyone, but I know for me, it actually started to work. I realized how little I was respecting myself and how much stock I was putting into other people. The moment I stopped, the moment I started seeing results in my benefit. Plus, no one was mad or angry. It worked out for everyone. I like this new attitude and I plan to continue. I just don't recommend it to anyone who has a hard time keeping a peaceful sense to their demands. I know I struggle, so I can't imagine how unsuccessful it would be if a person had a serious anger problem.

Til next time. Maybe Tomorrow. If you have Stereophonics. Otherwise, two more weeks and I'll be planning my way out there. Here I come Ed and Holly Wood. The scandals have hardly even begun. Just wait. : )


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